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Truffle Trolley Flavours


The price includes 4 trays from the following choices:

  • Belgian Chocolates (60-80 per tray)
  • Fudge (2kg per tray)
  • Coconut Ice (2kg per tray)
  • Turkish Delight (5kg per tray).
  • Angel Sticks/Chocolate Lollies (21 per tray). Subject to availability.

You can choose any combination of four from from the choices above. For example you can have four trays of chocolates, or one fudge, two angel sticks and one coconut ice, or three chocolates with one angel stick, etc., etc.

We have a selectection of chocolate and truffle assortments, each with 7 flavours and 77 chocolates per tray. Now with a vegan selection to choose from.

Chocolate and truffle assortments

If you choose more than one tray of chocolates (you are allowed 4), your selection can only incluse 1 x VR126. If you really want more than one, we can discuss the extra cost. If you click here, you can see a larger image, which you can enlarge accordingly.

Our current non-chocolate selections are shown below


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