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Chocolate Fountain Timings



There are several different options of when to run the chocolate fountain, every wedding is different, but here are a few ideas to help you decide:

After the wedding ceremony:

Some couples get married in the same venue as the reception. You can therefore have the chocolate fountain up and running when you come out of the ceremony. Instead of having canapés and drinks, you can have a chocolate fountain and drinks. There is often a long gap between the end of the ceremony and the wedding breakfast and your guests can be hungry at this time.

After the wedding breakfast:

You can have the chocolate fountain instead of your dessert following your wedding breakfast. We run the fountain immediately following the main course. This is also a good option as we are around when there is a gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment. If we start around 4pm to 5pm we are also there if you have any further guests arriving for the evening.

Evening reception:

You can have the fountain just for the evening reception. We recommend starting the fountain before the evening guests arrive as this also gives your afternoon guests something to do while they are waiting for the evening entertainment to start. We also recommend not having the fountain running too late in the evening, your guests will be more interested in drinking and dancing after 10pm.