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Chocolate Fountain FAQ's



Q. Why should we use you?
We offer experience and great value. Being a family run business, you are very important to us and we provide a personal and professional service. We arrive in smart uniforms and will be as flexible as we can to accommodate your needs. We are fun-loving chocoholics and thoroughly enjoy serving other chocolate lovers with delicious chocolate. We always attend your wedding or event personally - we do not sub out the work to any other company. Please also see these reasons.

Q. How does the fountain work?
The chocolate is melted and kept warm in the basin. It is then carried to the top tier by an archimedes screw (an auger inside a cylinder) in the centre. When the top tier overflows, the chocolate falls down as a liquid curtain onto the next tier, which is slightly larger. This carries on until all of the tiers are covered in chocolate, presenting the guests with several "curtains" of chocolate into which they can dip their strawberries, marshmallows etc. The chocolate stays fluid as the fountain keeps the chocolate in a liquid form and at a constant temperature at all times.

Q. How do we make a booking?
Just contact us to see if we are available. Please bear in mind that we can be very busy with bookings, so contact us as soon as you can. We will then send you a quote and a booking form. We will provisionally hold the date for you if you want us to. We will then discuss your choice of chocolate and dips. To secure any booking, we need a deposit (amount dependent on package), with the balance due a month before the event.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cheques, cash or payment by bank transfer.

Q. How long does the chocolate last for?
We supply enough chocolate for the number of guests catered for (depending on which package you choose) at your event. Additional chocolate can be added when required. The fountain itself will run for as long as is required (depends on package).

Q. What do you provide?
We provide the fountain, chocolate, dips, serviettes, skewers, lights, bowls and table decorations (you may wish to provide colour co-ordinated table decorations) and either one or two uniformed operators. We will of course discuss any further requirements.

Q. What do you do with the leftover chocolate?
If requested, we leave all of the leftover chocolate for you in any plastic containers you provide for us. We also leave any unused dipping foods behind. We never re-use the chocolate ourselves.

Q. How hygienic is it?
We follow basic food hygiene guidelines at all times. We do not allow "double dipping" and insist on guests using a new skewer with every dip into the fountain. We both hold current Foundation Certificates in Food Hygiene (issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) and have registered and been inspected by the local authority Public Services department.

Q. How messy is it?
It is not at all messy if you follow our guidelines. We show all guests how to use the fountain correctly to avoid any problems. We have never had a bride spill chocolate down her dress for example. We remain by the fountain at all times and keep the area clean and tidy.

Q. I have heard that some companies add oil. Do you?
No. We never add any oil to our chocolate.

Q. Is it okay to use the fountain outside?
It is not recommended to use the fountain outside, although it can be used in a covered marquee. This is because the chocolate needs to remain at a constant temperature and it would attract flying insects if used outside. It is also not recommended in the wind!

Q. What do you need from us at the event?
We need a strong level table (minimum 4' round or 6' rectangular), capable of supporting 80kg, a 13amp power supply (nearby), lighting sufficient for the immediate area, colour co-ordinated linen (if you require anything but white or black) and sufficient time to set-up and dismantle the fountain and to clean up the area afterwards.