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Chocolate Fountain Rentals - Platinum

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The chocolate fountain we use for the platinum package is 44" high (one of the tallest currently available in the UK) and has five tiers; it presents a very striking and elegant centre piece for your event. The effect is enhanced further when the chocolate gets flowing and the aroma fills the room. They are also great fun to use! Some companies provide smaller chocolate fountains (for the same price or an even higher price), but they are not as spectacular as the large Sephra one we use.

We will come to your event with the fountain, set up the fountains and the display for the table. We also wear smart uniforms. We will not however, stay after midnight unless previously arranged. We then:

  • Supply a 44” high, 5 tier chocolate fountain; one of the largest in the industry
  • Provide one free 19" fountain (ongoing special offer)
  • Provide an unlimited quantity of luxury Belgian chocolate
  • Supply an unlimited and varied selection of a dozen dipping foods
  • We serve chocolate for three hours (additional time available for an extra cost)
  • Provide skewers & napkins
  • Replenish the dipping foods and chocolate as required
  • Keep the area clean & tidy
  • Assist guests in the use of the fountain
  • We will dismantle the fountains after use and clean up afterwards
  • If requested, any chocolate left in the fountain and any unused dipping foods will be left behind for your guests to enjoy after we leave

The cost includes all the above for up to 150 guests. Download brochure

Total cost £549
(Additional guests will be charged at £30 for each extra fifty. Some chocolate flavours and colours cost extra)

We can tailor this option to your individual requirements: Adding a second 19" fountain is always a popular choice - We can do this for a reduced price of £45. Please contact us if you would like to discuss anything or if you would like further information.

An easy payment plan can be arranged if you require - please call us to discuss this further.

Our display is a very flexible option when it comes to table layout etc. We make the display look very elegant and use warm white lighting and glass bowls. We are often praised on our presentation and were in fact chosen by ITV's "This Morning" programme to appear on the show. If you want to theme your event, we can even colour white chocolate to almost any colour you want - imagine the possibilities! (there is an additional charge for this option).

If you are still unsure who to use for your chocolate fountain or need any advice, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that we do not charge any extra VAT or travelling costs on top of these prices - no hidden extras.

As an ongoing special offer, we will supply an additional 19" fountain with 2.5kg luxury Belgian chocolate (milk, dark or white) totally free of charge if taken in conjunction with our Platinum service shown here. This means that you can now have two flavours of chocolate without having to pay anything extra. This is a great idea as it allows an extra choice of chocolate for your guests. Please see this page for more information about the mini chocolate fountains.

Chocolate ♥ Fountain ♥ Wedding…three words which go together so well!

If you are considering a chocolate fountain for your wedding then we will supply you with an unforgettable centre-piece for your wedding day. The chocolate fountain we use in our platinum package is 44" high and makes a wonderful addition to any spread. It will be the talking point for months afterwards.