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Choosing a Chocolate Fountain



A chocolate fountain has now become the “must have” addition to any wedding or other special event. When a chocolate fountain is presented to your guests, they will be amazed: They will gather around it like bees around a honey pot, expectantly waiting for first person to dip in - when they do, they all will.

Most people love chocolate and a chocolate fountain is a fantastic centrepiece to have at your event. It will be a great talking point and will certainly get your guests chatting. It will also give some great photo opportunities for your wedding album or any publicity shots.

When choosing a supplier for your fountain, there are a number of things you should consider.

  • Cost - Get the total cost for the complete package. Some providers charge extra for dips and some include them for the specified number of guests.
  • Initial Contact - How quickly do they reply to your enquiry? Most of the information you need should be on their website but you should get an ‘official’ quote and hopefully some further information. It is also a good idea to only deal with a company that publishes their full contact details on their website: Full name, address and landline telephone number.
  • The Package - How much chocolate and dips are provided and for how many guests. What chocolate flavours and dips are available (some exotic dips may cost more). Many providers only include marshmallows and strawberries for example or only half a dozen dips for your guests. They will charge extra for anything else. Choose somebody who will provide a large variety of dips and make sure they are all included in the price. Some chocolate fountain companies include a certain amount of dips and/or chocolate and some provide unlimited amounts of each: Check what you are getting in your package. Also, some people charge extra for travelling “out of area”.
  • Size - There are a number of different sized fountains available, at differing costs. The most spectacular are the 44” ones and some providers charge extra for these. They all do the same thing. The larger ones will allow more guests to be around the fountain at any one time.
  • Operators - You may be tempted to use a chocolate fountain without an operator, to save on costs. I do not recommend this: Something may go wrong with the fountain or your guests may get themselves (and others) covered in chocolate! Inexperienced operators will not be able to get a smooth flow of chocolate or will not know what to do if something does go wrong. Some people also wear smart uniforms. The operators will also replenish the chocolate and dipping foods.
  • Payment - Expect to pay a deposit. The balance will normally be payable before your wedding, or at the wedding itself.
  • Cake/Dessert Replacement - Some brides choose a fountain over a traditional wedding cake. It looks like a 5 tier chocolate wedding cake. At the least it will be a dessert replacement so will possibly save you a little.
  • Experience - Be careful who you choose; there are some inexperienced “cowboys” out there. Use an established company if at all possible or at least somebody who has been highly recommended.

A chocolate fountain is a fun thing. When deciding on somebody to provide you with a fountain, choose somebody you feel are fun. Talk to them; are they fun as well as being professional. If you get along with them, the chances are your guests will and always talk to the person who is actually going to attend your wedding. Also choose somebody who is flexible.

Most of all, whoever you choose I'm sure you will have a great day! A chocolate fountain really is the most wonderful addition to your special day and will be remembered for a long time afterwards.