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Get Wonka'd - Fountains & Sweeties


Get Wonka'd

This is proving to be popular with many of our prospective brides. You no longer have to decide between having a chocolate fountain or a candy cart - you can have them both for a little extra. A seperate sweetie cart purchased elsewhere would normally be anything between £150 - £200 for 100 guests for example, so the savings can be substantial.

All of the "Get Wonka'd" packages come with a large selection of sweeties/candy, bowls, lights and bags etc. The kids and adults alike can take any sweeties home with them and any leftover sweets are for you to take home yourself.

The additional costs are as follows (in addition to the normal package cost):

  • Silver - 7kg of mixed sweeties; a generous 115g per person (for 60 guests) - £50 (Total package price £345)
  • Gold - 10kg of sweeties; about 100g per person (for 100 guests) - £75 (Total package price £444)
  • Platinum - 10kg of sweeties; about 100g per person (for 100 guests) - £75 (Total package price £570)

The chocolate fountains are dispalyed as they normally are and the sweeties are displayed alongside in child-friendly unbreakable bowls with lights intertwined. Bags and tongs/scoops are there too - They are not dispalyed as a stand-alone unit on a traditional cart for example. If necessary, they can be placed on a table adjacent to the fountain display instead.

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