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Chocolate Fountains at Balls & School Proms



If you are going to "have a ball", then a chocolate fountain has got to be considered. They will make a great centrepiece for your ball or school prom and will make it even more memorable event. Your guests will flock to your event once they know that a chocolate fountain will be there. Many people have still never tried a chocolate fountain, so when they know that you are going to have one, they will be delighted to attend.

It will make your school prom extra special and will give some fantastic photo opportunities. Your guests will also love it and talk about it for months afterwards.

If you are considering a "chocolate ball", you can have a chocolate cake, but think about how fantastic a fountain of warm Belgian chocolate will appeal to everybody. A chocolate fountain can be used in addition to a traditional dessert for the party itself and will last all night so every guest will have the opportunity to try it out. It can also be used in place of the dessert to save money. Maybe you are just going to have chocolate and nothing else; a chocolate fountain has got to be the thing to have.

If you and your guests love chocolate you will adore one of our fountains. A chocolate fountain has got to be seen to be believed.

A chocolate fountain is a great addition to have at university graduation balls, school proms, hospital balls or college balls. Perhaps you are having a banquet or another large gathering. We have provided chocolate fountains for the services; army, navy & Royal air force - they all went down a storm. If you are having a charity or fund-raising event, a chocolate fountain will entice the guests to come to your event.
If you are having any special party, a chocolate fountain will be the ultimate dessert!

Whatever your reason for having a ball is, people and chocolate do go together very well indeed.

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School Prom Chocolate Fountains