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Fountains, Sweets & Hot Chocolate

Part of the Wonka'd Extreme Silver Package Wonka'd Extreme - Another View of a Part of The Package


Choc Machine 1 [675x900]Now we are talking - Chocolate fountains, a full sweetie trolley and hot chocolate - the ultimate "Wonka Fest". Give your guests a choice of chocolate, a trolley full of sweets to choose from and gorgeous "real" hot chocolate.

This option is available as an add-on to any of our standard serviced packages - Silver, Gold or Platinum. It offers your guests two or three fountains with the display we normally have but also includes our "Terribly Tempting Treats Trolley". This is a variation of our trufflle trolley but the trolley is full of a large selection of sweeties instead of chocolates. It also includes 60 servings of proper hot chocolate.

So you get:

  • The Silver, Gold or Platinum package
  • 12kg of twelve mixed sweeties (or our Terribly Tempting Truffle Trolley instead)
  • Bags and serving implements for the sweeties
  • "Real" hot chocolate - This is not made from sachets or powdered chocolate but from chocolate and milk; nothing else
  • Mini marshmallows and chocolate powder to sprinkle on top
  • Squirty cream to finish off the cups of chocolate
  • The option to allow guests chocolate shots from one of the chocolate fountains

The hot chocolate is absolutely gorgeous. We use the finest Belgian chocolate (dark) and add milk - a league above any powdered formulas. It is served from an Italian hot chocolate dispenser. We offer mini marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate powder to sprinkle on top of your chocolate - Divine decadence.

  • Silver Wonka'd Extreme £574
  • Gold Wonka'd Extreme £644
  • Platinum Wonka'd Extreme £794

The additional cost (in addition to the normal cost of a silver, gold or platinum package) is £245.

The quantity mentioned above is a typical, average quantity; there may be more or les depending upon the sweets used but there will be tweleve different ones. The trolley is setup at the same time as the fountains and is usually placed nearby so we can replenish the sweetie stocks. Although we will leave behind any left-over sweets, we take the trolley with us once we have dismatled the fountains and when we leave. The hot chocolate dispenser has to be adjacent to the fountains. For this package, it is preferable to have the use of an extra large table or two tables.

If you want the hot chocolate without the sweetie trolley, we offer this for £150 as an add-on to any of our chocolate fountain packages.