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Isn't a Chocolate Fountain Messy?



You may think that if you get a chocolate fountain at your wedding or event, all of your guests (including yourself) will get covered in chocolate.
Don't worry, this is NOT the case with us.

We have been serving chocolate for years now and have served thousands of people. We always stay by the fountain at all times to assist you and your guests in the correct use of the chocolate fountain. We show everybody how to use it without getting chocolate everywhere.

Because we stay by the fountain at all times, your venue need not worry about any mess. We can assure any venue that the site will be left clean and tidy at all times.

We have heard about some horror stories: These normally occur when a fountain is left unattended at any time or with inexperienced operators.
We never leave the fountain and will not in fact hire one out, without us attending. We are very experienced and friendly when dealing with people, so we can show your guests how to use it correctly.