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Chocolate Fountain Rentals - Gold

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This package is great for those of you who want a larger fountain for a great price. This option now offers you and your guests three different flavours of chocolate to choose from with the added benefit of unlimited chocolate and dips. It has one of our 4 tier fountains and two of our 3 tier fountains.

We will come to your event with the fountains, set them up and the display for the table. This option is usually attended by one of us and we will wear a smart uniform as usual. We will not however, stay after 11pm unless previously arranged. We then:

  • Supply 1 x 23" four tier Sephra "Cortez" and 2 x 19" three tier "Elite" fountains
  • Three fountains means three different flavours of chocolate
  • Provide an unlimited quantity of luxury Belgian chocolate
  • Supply an unlimited amount of ten different dipping foods
  • We serve chocolate for two hours (additional time available for an extra cost)
  • Provide skewers & napkins
  • Replenish the dipping foods and chocolate as required
  • Keep the area clean & tidy
  • Assist guests in the use of the fountain
  • We will dismantle the fountains after use and clean up afterwards
  • If requested, any chocolate left in the fountain and any unused dipping foods will be left behind for your guests to enjoy after we leave
  • Normally feeds up to 100 guests
  • We will travel up to 1 hour from our home to your venue

The cost includes all the above for up to 100 guests. Download brochure

Total cost £399
(Additional guests will be charged at £30 for each extra fifty. Some chocolate flavours and colours cost extra)

If you want a slightly larger fountain, we also offer a "Gold Plus" option. This is similar to the above but caters for 120 guests (so more chocolate and dips), has a larger 27" fountain in place of the 23" fountain and is a 2½ hr service. The cost for the gold plus option is £449.

Two hours will normally be plenty of time for your guests to enjoy the chocolate. In our experience (and we have served thousands of people at hundreds of events), as the evening progresses people have their fill of chocolate and become more interested in dancing and drinking later on. However, if you would be happier with a longer running time, consider our "Gold Plus" option.

To theme your event, we can colour chocolate to almost any colour you want - imagine the possibilities! (there is an extra charge for this option).

If you are still unsure who to use for your chocolate fountain or need any advice, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that we do not charge any extra VAT or travelling costs on top of these prices.