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Slightly Wonka'd - Fountain & Sweeties

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A chocolate fountain and a sweet buffet for those on a budget. Let your guests have the best of both worlds with a chocolate fountain and sweeties - what more could they wish for?

This option includes one of our Sephra 19" fountains, together with a selection of mixed sweeties. It is suitable for around 50 guests or so and includes 5kg of sweeties. Also included are the bowls, lights, bags etc.

We will come to your event with the fountain and sweeties and set up the display for the table. This option is usually attended by one of us and we will wear a smart uniform as usual. We will not however, stay after 11pm unless previously arranged. We then:

  • Supply one19" three tier Sephra "Elite" fountain
  • Supply 2.5kg of luxury Belgian chocolate (milk, dark or white)
  • Supply eight varied dipping foods
  • 5kg of mixed sweeties - this amount may vary depending upon the sweets used
  • Bags and serving tongs/scoops for the sweets
  • We serve chocolate for up to two hours
  • Provide skewers & napkins
  • Replenish the dipping foods, chocolate and sweeties as required
  • Keep the area clean & tidy
  • Assist guests in the use of the fountain
  • We will dismantle the fountains after use and clean up afterwards
  • If requested, any chocolate left in the fountain and any unused dipping foods will be left behind for your guests to enjoy after we leave
  • Normally feeds up to 50 guests
  • We will travel up to 45 minutes from our home to your venue

The cost includes all the above for up to 50 guests

Total cost £369
(Some chocolate flavours and colours cost extra)