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Sweetie Buffet Add On Packages



These are new packages so please bear with us while we get some photos together for the website.

Now you can get the best of both worlds - Chocolate fountains together with a candy cart or sweetie buffet included in the package. We now offer several different sweetie options to add to most of our existing chocolate fountain packages. This means you can now have a large selection of sweets to offer your guests without having to go the the expense of getting another supplier in. The additional price is much less than you would normally have to pay separately.

We have several packages to choose from:

  • Get Wonka'd - Add a sweetie option to any silver, gold or platinum package
  • Slightly Wonka'd - One fountain with a sweet buffet alongside
  • Totally Wonka'd - This adds a trolley full of sweeties/candy to any standard package
  • Totally Wonka'd - The ultimate celebration of chocolate and sweeties: Chocolate fountains, a sweet trolley and hot chocolate
  • Wonka'd DIY - One of our DIY fountains with sweeties, bowls, bags etc. for parties at home - great for the kids

Please note that most of these are add-on packages and can only be purchased with a chocolate fountain package. They are usually displayed with or close by the fountains themselves.

 Get Wonka'd | Slightly Wonka'd | Totally Wonka'd | Wonka'd Extreme | Wonka'd DIY