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The Chocolate

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We only use high quality chocolate manufactured by Barry Callebaut. It is a couverture luxury Belgian chocolate, which means it has a high concentration of cocoa solids and butter and also has the added benefit of tasting wonderful!

The Luxury Belgian Chocolate we use contains high percentages of Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Solids): Milk chocolate (37.2%) and dark (60.4%). White chocolate does not actually contain any cocoa solids, only cocoa butter (31.3%).

We can supply the chocolate in a number of flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark/milk chocolate blend. We can blend chocolate to taste
  • White Chocolate

The following chocolate varieties do cost extra, as do adding other flavourings and/or colourants.

  • Organic Chocolate
  • Fair Trade Chocolate
  • Caramel (flavoured) Milk Chocolate
  • Lime (coloured & flavoured) White Chocolate
  • Orange(coloured & flavoured) White Chocolate
  • Strawberry(coloured & flavoured) White Chocolate
  • Honey (flavoured) Milk Chocolate
  • Cappuccino (flavoured) Milk/White Chocolate mix
  • Kosher - (dairy free) Chocolate
  • Chocolate suitable for Diabetics

Food allergies: The chocolate itself is nut free and manufactured in environments that take numerous measures to prevent any nut based ingredients from entering the manufacturing process. However, we live in an environment that has had nuts in it so if you, or anybody has a severe nut allergy, please bear this in mind.

Vegan Chocolate: The dark chocolate we use is dairy free. Dark chocolate does not contain any milk; wheras milk and white chocolate do. Our dark chocolate is thus suitable for vegans.

If you decide to use us to help you achieve your chocolate fountain experience, we send out some of the standard, popular samples for you to choose from: This is great fun - you can have your own chocolate tasting session with your friends or family.

We can also colour white and milk chocolate to match your party or event theme. This just adds colour to the chocolate without affecting the taste. Although we can offer many different colours, not every colour is available. We use non-AZO colourings and because of legislation, there are limits to the amount of colouring we can use. The colours we can use are the following:
Yellow, pink, fushia, purple, lavender, blue, dark green, caramel, brown and white. I know white chocolate is "white" but in fact, it is a shade of yellow. We can now colour it so it is actually white! We can also colour milk chocolate (obviously brown) to other shades of brown and some other colours.
If you are interested in having a coloured chocolate fountain, let us know and we can send out a colour chart.

This is a great way to theme any event. Just think about the opportunities of say having a small red and a small blue fountain with a large white one! The choice is endless.

We can also add oil based (essential oils) flavours, the following of which are examples:
Spanish Almond oil, French Lavender oil, Sicilian Lemon oil, Tahitian Lime, Sicilian Orange oil and Chinese peppermint oil.
Some of these may vary, according to availability.

Please contact us to discuss these options: There may be extra charges for some of these options.