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DIY Chocolate Fountains

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DIY option with sweetie package now available.

We have mini chocolate fountains for hire. These are ideal if you have a smaller gathering or are on a budget. They are not the cheap small chocolate fountains you may have seen advertised; these are manufactured by Sephra™, the same manufacturer as our large fountain. They are 19" high and have three tiers.

Please note that this is a DIY service. You will have to collect, operate, clean and return the fountain yourself from Ferndown, near Bournemouth. Please see the map here.

Mini chocolate fountain rental package

  • Sephra™ Elite Mini Fountain - 1 day hire
  • 2.5 kg luxury Belgian chocolate - different flavours available
  • Skewers

Total cost £75
(Overnight rental. You will need to collect, clean and return the fountain yourself.)

These fountains are great for hen parties, children's parties, dinner parties or any other special occasion. If you run a home shopping business, they are a great idea for enticing your guests to come. They are also a great idea for Valentine's day. Whatever your excuse, rent one of our mini fountains and you'll have a great time. Download brochure

Your family and friends will be amazed and entertained as they dip delicious fruits and desserts into a cascading curtain of warm melted fondue chocolate...

Do not confuse these professional fountains with cheap imitations: You get what you pay for.
Many small chocolate fountains are very small and do not look anything like as good as these fountains do when the chocolate gets flowing. Some are also very difficult to operate correctly, they only hold a small amount of chocolate and the chocolate is expensive and difficult to obtain; you may be disappointed.
Why waste your money on something you will probably only use once (through disappointment) and then leave in your cupboard. You will be better off and will certainly impress your guests more by renting one of these mini chocolate fountains.

The Sephra™ Home Chocolate & Fondue Fountain is the ultimate accessory for every fondue lover or anybody who loves chocolate. The elegance and fun of the larger chocolate fountains can now be yours with a personal chocolate fountain of your own! Measuring in at 19 inches tall and 10¾ inches wide, these chocolate & fondue fountains will be the perfect addition to any party or special occasion.

We use "The Elite" and "Classic" Sephra™ chocolate fountains and they have the following highlights;

  • 19" tall
  • Perfect for large or small gatherings. You can hire two if required for example.
  • Electronic temperature controls
  • Heated basin melts chocolate in the fountain
  • May serve up to 40 people at full capacity
  • WhisperQuiet™ motor

Sephra™ Quality
When entertaining friends and family, you shouldn't have to compromise quality with cheap imitations or toys. All Sephra™ Home Fountain models feature the same professional quality and craftsmanship that has made Sephra™ the leading commercial chocolate fountain manufacturer in the world. All models feature premium grade stainless steel, a patent pending QuickSet™, dishwasher safe tier assembly that allows for ultra-fast set up and cleanup, a WhisperQuiet™ motor that is virtually silent when running, and a heated basins which allow you to melt chocolate directly in the fountain. All Sephra™ products are built with precision engineering and professional quality you can trust.